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England Rugby Deals

England Rugby Deals is a buying consortium run by Independent Buyers Ltd, fully endorsed by the RFU. The purpose of England Rugby Deals is to save clubs money and time, by negotiating competitive rates and discounts on utilities, overheads and consumables.

Membership gives clubs access to an array of deals and offers on products and services rugby clubs use. Popular categories are Wi-Fi, leisure gases, hospitality, printing, utilities, maintenance, club facilities, washroom services and there is even a deal for portable beer trollies.

Instant savings are available to clubs, by joining both the Booker 2% Rebate Scheme and by signing up to the Screwfix 5% Discount. These two deals make saving easy in a few simple steps:

  • Members can access deals from the RFU’s website, Once a club has logged in, the member area of the portal allows them to view all deals, prices and get the relevant information required
  • As part of the RFU’s support services, an England Rugby Deals Account Manager is available to visit clubs to advice on cost-saving measures and carry out a saving analysis exercise. This is a worthwhile offering as it shows clubs not only what they are spending their money on, but more importantly it also highlights where savings can be made going forward
  • To complete a savings analysis all we need is a scan of previous club invoices. This is done during the visit and before the expert buyers do a like-for-like comparison to identify where savings can be made
  • The results are reported back to the club so they can make best use of those potential savings

Any club interested in a visit should contact / 01283 711551.