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VAT Registration

Vat registration:

Activities cover: - Clubs need to be aware that unless there is more than one legal entity operating the activities, all of the activities of the club need to be taken into account when assessing the VAT registration position. Similarly, where a club is registered for VAT purposes the registration covers all activities undertaken. It is common practice for clubs to be structured into several distinct sections, perhaps with a separate committee operating each section e.g. junior and minor, social, playing etc. However, despite this division of the club into different sections the VAT registration embraces all activities undertaken by the legal entity. This similar principle applies where clubs are undertaking their partial exemption calculation. This must include all business income received by the club where they are operated within the one legal entity.

VAT helpline service: - The RFU has secured the services of leading sports advisory accountancy firm Saffery Champness to provide member clubs with a free VAT helpline service. Clubs are able to seek advice on any VAT matters they are faced with.

The helpline enables a club to seek up to 30 minutes free advice. To access the helpline please contact Russell Moore either by email on or by telephone on 07710 329317.