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Staffs 7s 2018

Staffordshire 7s 2016 Planning Meeting Monday 19th February 2018

I know its currently damp and miserable but the summer and 7s rugby will quickly be upon us.

I was wondering if people were free for a meeting on Monday 19th February to review last summer's series and to see what we can improve for this year at Cannock Rugby Club at 7.30pm.

My view is we should scale down the number of events and concentrate on say 3-4 well-supported tournaments but happy to have this as a topic of discussion.

I would also keep the tournament as a level 7 competition.

I would also like to run at least one Women's tournament on the same day as one of the men's tournaments at one of the clubs with lots of pitches

It would be helpful if you could attend the meeting particularly if you want to host an event. It would be good if some of the players/volunteers who were involved in the 7s teams could come along. However, if you can't come but have some suggestions or want to host a tournament then let me know.

If you are planning to come to the meeting then please let me know.

John Atkin, could you put this up on the Staffs 7s tab on the Staffs RFU website and forward it on to relevant clubs.

Kind regards


Rugeley Rugby Club

Staffs 7s Series co-ordinator



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