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M & J AGM on 19 June 2017

Moat House Acton Trussell
Postcode: Moat House

Staffordshire Mini/Junior AGM at Moat House, Acton Trussell. 7:00pm start on Monday 19th June.

It is extremely important that we will have a representative from all clubs.

Unfortunately, we will be looking for a new Chairman of the Mini and Youth Committee as Declan Bradley has resigned. In the mean time I will be initially organising the competitions for next season.

I would be grateful if you could fill in the form below to inform me what competitions you will be entering for next season.

The U12’s and U13’s will be Waterfall Tournaments in which all teams should play the same number of games, it starts off with a small groups and then there are playoffs. It is organised using the same principles as the Under 20’s World Cup in which all teams will have a finishing position.

U14’s and U15’s is a Cup or Waterfall Tournament.

With regards to the under 16’s I would be grateful if you could tell me whether you would prefer a league with play offs at the end or a cup competition or a waterfall tournament.

If you are happy with any type of Competition please tick all, we will go with the majority.

The U17’s will be a Waterfall competition like this year, which will be held over two Sundays.

All competitions should be a maximum of 5 games apart from the U16’s League if a league is the choice of clubs. The dates for these games are already in the 2017-18 Competitions and Representative Calendar which can be found on the Staffordshire website.