SRU Delivery Plan (PFR) 2017/2018

The SRU Annual Delivery Plan is a living document, which gives details of all the programmes the county, in partnership with our clubs, the RDOs, the CRCs and the specialist RFU Regional Staff aim to deliver during the current season.

The Management Committee are collectively charged with delivering the Plan. and meet quarterly to review the delivery progress against the targets within the Plan.

The process, driven by the needs of our clubs and the game in Staffordshire, is open honest and transparent.

You are able to access the latest update to the delivery plan and read it in detail using the link below:

SRU Annual Deliver Plan

RFU Injured Players Foundation:

We are England Rugby's official charity: the Injured Players Foundation.

With your backing, we look after seriously injured players for life and help prevent future injuries through research and education.

Our mission is to be there for every seriously injured player, now and forever. And we must continue to make research breakthroughs to make the game safer and improve the care of those injured.

But we need everyone that loves our great game to get involved. 100% of your support goes directly to injured players and prevention research – because the RFU cover all our admin costs. So please help today.

Staffordshire Rugby Union Youth Trust
Offers small grants up to £1000 for the promotion of Mini & Youth Rugby in Staffordshire clubs and schools.
Does not facilitate running costs or kit renewal.
Written application to be sent to -
Mr M Duncan
3 Berne Avenue

 People seem to have forgotten about the Youth Trust which was created by the County several years ago to help with the development of Youth Rugby, for players under 18 years of age, within the County.

 It still exists and can provide financial help.

It can help where an individual, club or school is doing anything to increase Junior participation in the game or doing anything for youth players outside normal club activities.

So it could be a programme to increase participation, or a one off, special event or for extra equipment when numbers are being increase for any reason.

To apply is simple, just let Malcolm Duncan (contact details below) have the details of the scheme and we can take it from there.

Malcolm Duncan

tel: 01782 610315


Staffordshire Rugby Union Memorial Fund
Offers support in 'exceptional' cases for injured players in Staffordshire.
Written application to be sent to -
Mr R.N Davies
39 Sneyd Avenue

  Development of Rugby in Staffordshire (DORIS)

Staffordshire RFU (SRU) will establish a Rugby Development Fund to facilitate rugby development within Staffordshire.

The aim of the fund will be to assist and enable member clubs to improve and develop the playing of rugby union within Staffordshire

Staffordshire Rugby Union will administer the fund;

Application for funding is open to all Clubs which are accredited and affiliated to SRU and will be by open application in writing to the Honorary Secretary of the Union;

The total available within the fund will be determined annually by the Management Committee of Staffordshire Rugby Union and will be announced at the Annual General Meeting of the Union; 

Applications can be submitted for consideration twice yearly and should be received no later than the first days of October and March of each season.

The grant available will be up to £500:00 per Club and shall be subject to match funding in the sum awarded, applications should include project details and invoices for total costs.

A Club making a successful application will be precluded from receiving a further grant from the SRU Club Facilities Fund within the following 24 months;

Applications will be considered by a sub-committee which will make recommendations to the General Committee. The sub-committee will consist of the following – President, Vice-President, and Honorary Treasurer. The sub-committee will be open to advice from the Rugby Development Officer and the Community Rugby Representative; 

The decision of the Management Committee or its successors will be final and there shall be no appeal






For details of applications to Funding Streams please contact:

Michael Procter, Holly House, Barn Court, Clayton, Newcastle, Staffordshire, ST5 4NL

T: 01782 623292 E:


/This guide is designed to help your club grow with ideas and support available to help you deliver the very best rugby experience.