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Competition and Representative Calendar

The Age Group Rugby Competition and Representative Calendar for the 2017/2018 season has now been published. See link below. 

Age grade Calendar 2017/2018

The calendar can also be found on the Mini/Youth section and in the Junior Rugby section.


The changes, introduced from September 2016, are for all rugby played at Under 18 and younger.  Based on four years of research, the wants and needs of all young people are at the heart of the Age Grade changes.  They are designed to help more young people enjoy the game for longer and into their adult years.


So far this season, full compliance with the changes to the game and its regulations is developing. For the remainder of the 2016-17 season, proactive support will be given to those in genuine transition towards the new regulations and those resisting the change, as with any of the Union’s Regulations, could face disciplinary action.

For the 2017-18 season onwards, full transition to the Age Grade changes and regulations will be the drive. This will ensure that across the country the Age Grade game is player-centred, development-driven and competition-supported.

The 2017/18 Age Grade Playing Calendar has been released. Organisers in CBs, CSUs and Academies will now work together to insert local competition, representative rugby and pathway activity by the start of February 2017. After this is signed off by the RFU, they will promote their local calendar and facilitate dialogue between clubs, schools, colleges, Academies and Representative rugby personnel to agree a balanced playing programme for all young players.

Council also backed the introduction early in 2017 of a national advisory group to represent the views of the Age Grade game in clubs. This will provide a channel from our clubs and Constituent Bodies to help shape the future of Age Grade rugby alongside education institutions.