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Disciplinary Committee Post

Post of Assistant to Secretary of Disciplinary Committee:

Kevin Cantrill has been secretary of the disciplinary panel for over 10 years. He has learnt much in that position and would be keen to pass his knowledge on to a willing (suitable) volunteer. 

The post would entail helping Kevin to prepare the paperwork, charge sheets etc. for the hearings, compiling resources for the panel members, arranging meetings (often at short notice), taking notes at the hearings, giving advice to the panel (where necessary) and forwarding the decisions of the panel to the RFU/accused party and dealing with correspondence.  

The aim would ultimately for the assistant to take over from Kevin. 

Ideally the applicants should be level headed, good with administration/paperwork, with excellent communication skills and an interest in the disciplinary process.

If interested in this position please contact:

Iain Haley (SRU President). 07920290557

Or Mel Jones 07973 263764