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Reminder: GMS – Roles & Permissions Changes

As a reminder, we recently notified the community game of some upcoming changes to the Roles and Permissions in GMS. We have introduced a new model that has seen the creation of several permissions levels, available to be granted to individuals within GMS. All individuals will be defaulted to a Level 0 which will only grant access for that user to access and edit their own personal details. Each individual that has logged in to GMS with administrative privileges within the last 12 months has been contacted with instructions regarding next steps.

An exception to the above has been that individuals who held the role of either ‘Data Officer’ or ‘Honorary Secretary’ at their club or CB. These individuals have been granted the ‘Level 5’ permission. This level enables these users to access an area of GMS where they can assign any individuals within their organisation with a level of permission appropriate to their position of responsibility. Additionally, any individual that held a role of ‘Adult’, ‘Youth’ or ‘Women’s’ Registrar and had logged into GMS within the last 12 months, has been automatically given a ‘Level 3’ permission.

Within the ‘Organisation Admin’ module inside GMS, each ‘Level 5’ user has access to a description of each level and the modules contained for the permission type. Any individual can be assigned a permission level, providing they have a role at the club or CB.

We see this as an important change to empower clubs and CBs to efficiently manage access to their data and ensure that each organisation understands who has access to their data.

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