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Introduction to GMS

An introduction to GMS for new users

If you're looking to help your club for the first time with the Game Management System (GMS), here’s a little introduction on what the system is about, and the help and support available to you, as a user. All of this information can be found on the GMS Hub, with an easy to remember web address of

Below are links that will take you straight to parts of the hub you may be most interested in. These are:

  • To find out what GMS is, and discover what the system is about, click here.
  • To discover what’s new in GMS, and to hear about how other clubs are using the system, click here.
  • To access a wealth of training and support material, click here.
  • To find out what’s upcoming, and what might be included in future system improvements, take a look here.
  • To get started, and to login to the system, visit here.

In addition to the online support, we have a staffed helpdesk available to support you. To contact them, you can either email them on, or call them on 020 8831 665.