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Staffordshire have received funding from the BIG LOTTERY to provide community Defibrillators to 7 Staffordshire Rugby Clubs.



Cardiac Arrest in Rugby is sufficiently high that the Rugby Football Union governing body has recomended that all clubs of allsizes and income level should have available a defibrillator, and appropriate training to ensure that in the event of an incident any treatment can be applied quickly. 


National guidlines suggests that treatment needs to be started within the first 5 minutes of the incident (resuscitation Council advisory), and that a defibrillator should be positioned within 200m of the pitch.
The local Staffordshire ambulance service currently are unable to get to 45% of cardiac arrests in less than 8 minutes (NHS data), and so it is up to local players and spectators to address the medical emergency.

We have surveyed all our rugby clubs in Staffordshire and many clubs already have  already invested in defibrillators.

As a county body we applied for  lottery funding to place defibrillators in 7 clubs in the county.

Wolverhampton RFC - WV3 8NA
Trentham RFC - ST4 8BE
Linley RFC - ST7 1AW
Stafford RFC - ST16 1BG
Essington RFC - WV11 2DW
Newcastle RFC - ST5 3BX
Cannock RFC - WS12 4NU


The beneficiaries of this project will cover all areas of society, regardless of gender, religion or race.

We will work with the Community Heartbeat Trust charity on this project who will assist us in delivery of the defibrillators, the management and governance of these, and any training requirements.

CHT have also been selected by the national RFU as their prefered partner in the placement of defbrillators due to their
adherenece to strict clinical governance, and the wish to have all clubs working to higher standards, and safer goals.