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Meet the REF

Meet the Ref.

SRUSR are offering to hold ‘Meet the Ref’ evenings with clubs throughout Staffordshire. We want to have the opportunity to find out what support is needed by clubs from SRUSR – by clubs we mean players, coaches (both senior and Mini & Junior), club referees, club touch judges, club supporters.

The aim is to promote the well-being of rugby in Staffordshire and hopefully get a better idea of each other’s viewpoints to our mutual benefit.

You, the clubs, will set the agenda but here are some suggestions to get the ball rolling –

1. Ways to further improve the standard of refereeing in Staffordshire

2. Understanding game management

3. Latest directives and guidance from World Rugby and how they affect the game

4. How SRUSR can best support club referees at senior level

5. How SRUSR can best support club referees at mini & junior level

6. Guidance for touch judges

7. How can a club give feedback to referees and the society to improve referee development and the service we provide to clubs.

Feel free to come up with your own ideas. You may wish to have part of the evening devoted to an outdoor coaching session with players and coaches e.g. management of the breakdown – the choice is yours.

The SRUSR would be represented by a senior referee and one of the officers of the society.

To briefly give some background, we conducted a coaching session at Eccleshall in April at their request and the reaction was so positive that we are in the process of arranging another session to take place early this coming season – see our website for an account of the first session and Eccleshall’s response.

If you are interested in arranging a visit to your club then please contact Paul Daniels at and we will happy to discuss further.