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Reminder - RFU Leadership Academy 2017-18

Reminder to clubs that nominations for this years Leadership Academy are due by the 30th September. Please note clubs should not nominate any who have previously attended the leadership academy.

RFU LEADERSHIP ACADEMY 2017-2018. Being launched in November 2017. Nominations please by 30th September 2017.

I am delighted to inform you that the RFU Leadership Academy is back in Staffordshire for the 2017-2018 season and we are seeking club nominations for potential candidates.

Staffordshire has always supported the Academy which is recognised by an endorsement from the Institute of Leadership and Management and continues to improve its standards year on year.

Every club within the Constituent Body (CB) has someone who has shown an interest in becoming a future officer and shown the potential to develop their personal qualities. The Leadership Academy is tailor made to suit them and we would like you to invite them to consider being nominated for this year’s programme.

Two PDF documents are forwarded with this letter which gives further detail of the Academy’s content, commitment, aims and objectives and I would request you spend a few minutes to identify how it can develop the individual and benefit your club. A copy has also been sent to your Club Chair.

A small contribution of £100 per candidate is required but is returnable upon completion of the course. 

Hopefully this letter and documents will have provoked some thoughts and identified a possible candidate or candidates from within your club so please discuss the course with them and do not miss this opportunity which will benefit your club in future years.

Please send your nomination to David Ainge – Leadership Academy Co-ordinator at or 07960708565 with a brief note of their current role and why you think they are a suitable candidate by no later than 30th September 2017.

Thank you

David Ainge

Past President

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