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School Injury Prevention Study

The School Injury Prevention Study
A School Injury Prevention Study, led by the RFU and the University of Bath, has been published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.  Please go to  for full details.

This study, conducted from 2013-16, shows the beneficial impact a newly-devised exercise programme has in reducing overall injuries within youth rugby. Involving 40 schools and nearly 2,500 players aged 14–18 years, researchers found that overall injuries fell by 72% when players completed the new exercises at least three times a week. Concussion injuries were reduced by 59%.

A new training and pre-match exercise programme was developed as part of the study. It focuses on balance, strength and agility in order to better prepare players for the physical challenges they face in matches and to mitigate potential injury risks. Split into four stages it takes roughly 20 minutes to complete.

More information on the resources available, and the implementation plan, will be provided over the coming months.