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To: Hon. Secretaries of all Staffordshire Clubs (Second Calling Notice)

AGM of Staffordshire Rugby Union Ltd at Burton RFC on Tuesday, 10th July, 2018.

All clubs are advised under the Rules governing the Staffordshire Rugby Union Ltd that they have the right to nominate persons for any Office of the Management Team under the conditions laid out in Rules 8.3.1 and 8.4.1.

8.3 The election of the officers shall be subject to the following provisions:

8.3.1. Any Member shall have the right to make nominations, with the written consent of a candidate, for election to any one or more of the offices named in, or created under, the provisions of Rule 12.1. Such nominations must be sent in writing, to reach the Honorary Secretary by 31st May, 2018. The Management Team shall also have the right to make nominations for the election of officers.

You are advised that the following candidates are willing to stand for election at the AGM:

President John Atkin (Burton) Proposed: B. Davies Seconded: A. Holmes.

Chairman John Atkin (Burton) Proposed: B. Davies Seconded: A. Holmes.

Hon. Treasurer Brian Scott (Burton) Proposed: J. Atkin. Seconded: B. Leason.

Hon. Secretary Robin Websdale (Newcastle) Proposed: Newcastle RUFC Seconded: M. Bezus.

Vice President Robert Forsyth (Burntwood) Proposed: B. Osbourne Seconded: B.Williams.

Nine candidates are required to serve as representatives of:

Club Development (Junior Clubs and Senior Clubs) - TBC and Bob Osbourne.

Women and Girls - Rhiannon Greenaway

Youth and Education - Mike Bezus.

Volunteers - Marilyn Jones.

Coaching - Becky Williams.

Player Development - Bill Leason.

Referees - Adrian Holmes.

Competitions - Steve Barr.

Administration - TBA.

The following will serve on the Management Team for the coming year:

SRU Representative on RFU Council - Michael Procter – elected March, 2018.

Additionally, a Club Representative from the Club Development Sub-Management Team to serve on the Executive Team only, should be nominated by those clubs in the Sub Management Team. Jim Rudge (Bloxwich) has been re-elected.