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SRU has New President

Staffordshire Rugby Union welcomed Becky Davies as the new President of SRU at the AGM held at Burton RUFC on Tuesday 12th July.

Becky wanted to share a few words with Staffordshire members as she becomes the first female President of Staffordshire Rugby Union.


"First my sincere thanks to everyone for taking the time to be in attendance this evening... I’m sure it’s the accounts, the club presentations or the buffet that you’re most interested in….. but I must add that I have been overwhelmed with the support that has been shown to me over the past 2 years… so if indeed you are here to witness my inception as the new President then I am indeed most moved and offer further appreciative thanks for your audience this evening.


I would like to pass my final thanks to Iain………. for his unwavering care of the County during his term in office……… and I welcome John Atkin into the role of Vice President.

It is with careful thought and a cautious measure of apprehension that I agreed to step into the role of Vice President some 2 years ago….. I made a promise to myself at that time that I would engage myself as much as I possibly could in everything to do with Staffordshire and its rugby provision. The ultimate aim was to learn about, learn from, meet with, talk to, listen to and understand about….. What, why and who makes Staffordshire tick….I’d like to think I’ve become a familiar face in many quarters within the county…..forgive me if I haven’t met you yet….. But I assure you ‘I will’ in the ensuing couple of years!

I have attended countless meetings over the time I have spent in Staffordshire as a club member and a county official….. and whilst they are valuable channels of communication they produce only written information…. being part of the living, breathing, striving heart of the clubs, players and volunteers….. truly tells the story behind the struggles and successes of our membership……..I continue to be truly overwhelmed by the dedication and commitment that exists in our clubs…. by the recognised and indeed often unrecognised volunteers……

It is my intention to continue to be completely proactive…. in the role of both President and Chairman……and for now I intend to keep and promote the success, this role status has enjoyed for the past 10 years….

…..remaining close to the pulse of our county…. being out with you in the field sharing the ups and the downs of club life will be what I consider an essential part of my role …..using all the knowledge and experience I have gained from 25 years of involvement in the sport… across all spectrums of rugby and its demands …… it is my ambition to continue to develop rugby in Staffordshire by growing the game in all areas……. sustaining what we have achieved …….and supporting where we need growth.

The success of our clubs is at the end of the day, down to the good will and dedication of its volunteers….. Some clubs have an abundance of ‘willing helpers’…. for others it can often be down to just a few ‘hands on deck’…..however it stands….. they/we all covert something very special that only rugby can ever boast…it is an unspoken strength….way beyond the exertions of the training ground and challenges to be found on the pitch… is a strength which exists in a sense of pride, duty, pleasure, responsibility, passion and love….it binds all elements of our game together and sets us apart from anything else….rugby conjures a magic that draws us into wanting to give our best and dedicate our time to the cause…….that ‘sense’ keeps that last person in the club house to leave everything just so……it is that ‘bond’ which ensures that one person paints those lines first thing on a Saturday morning and swills out the changing rooms after the game…….it exists in everyone that watches carefully over every parent and player on a Sunday and this feeling exists and stays with us throughout our lives……..some sports think that they come close….. but none will ever compete with that enviable magnetism that rugby radiates!

I am bound by my own bond to the game to nurture and share that ‘sense’ we all know and feel……to spread it far and wide across the county…out into our communities that hold the future players and participants of the game………and to continue to invigorate ‘our own’ by remembering why we have become part of the framework that makes up our club……. we must remind ourselves that we are in this together for the fun, enjoyment and sheer pleasure of rugby…………….. I want the county to ensure it is functioning efficiently and correctly so it is able to help alleviate the pressures of running a club….. by offering competent support, advice, answers and initiatives…. that can often go amiss in a volunteer environment……. thus affording everyone the opportunity to enjoy a great experience every time they walk through their gates!

I know how important is it to energise and motivate, recognise hard work and achievement, support what is needed to fulfil roles and ensure that satisfaction and enjoyment remains a priority….

I know how important is it to offer direction, extend opportunity, empower and invite initiative

I know also how important it is ……..that for the county to have a place within every club… we must reflect the needs and expectations of our members effectively

By creating a plan for Rugby Development in Staffordshire…… putting an effective review process in place to measure and gauge progress…… and by ensuring our committee structures are fit for purpose…… is the absolute key to supporting and sustaining our clubs….

………the sharing of good practice and enabling opportunities for all clubs, those that have found success and those that are embarking on that journey to find success… essential to the future and continued progress of all rugby in Staffordshire.

We are all immersed in a climate of change to varying degrees at the moment...........none so more than the country!!!

…….as we step into different roles within our clubs…… the county is no different with its comings and goings……an overwhelming feeling of trust is what I have grown to experience over the past 2 years and I thank each and every one who has taken time to ask me who I am, where I’m from and what I am going to do when I become president….…it is at this point that I also want to recognise and thank each and every one of you who has retained their role for another season, who has relinquished part of their role through delegation or succession, who has stepped up to leadership and who has decided that the time has come to stand back and keep a watchful eye on the future…….. I thank you all for the part you have played…… matter what path or focus you are taking forward…may I wish you all the very best for the coming season.

I have just taken up my new role……… but I can assure you my work has already begun.

I will be dedicated to bringing new ideas, roles and initiatives to the county…… I will promote transparency, communication and equality…….and I will review our practices and embrace change…..

……I am excited, I’m proud and I am ready to make a big difference…… for the good of all our clubs and for the good of our county.

Thank you!"

Becky Davies – President of Staffordshire Rugby Union