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SRU Safeguarding Officer - Lee Dawson

Staffordshire has a new Safeguarding Officer - Lee Dawson. Lee has added a few words of introduction below.

Good day to you all.

My name is Lee Dawson (Daws) I am the newly appointed Safeguarding Lead for The Staffordshire RFU. Some of you may know me from the staffs Referee Society or my home club Handsworth, don’t hold that against me. I’m also a serving Police officer, don’t hold that against me either! I’m not sure what is worst!

I am sending this message to briefly introduce myself to you and I know John Atkin has put something of the Staffs site but I wanted to take the opportunity to contact you directly.

I have been given email contacts but I am not sure that this is an up to date list so before I start sending you invites to events and asking you all kinds of questions about your clubs etc. can you all by return email please confirm the following within a few days if possible:-

1 That you are the safeguarding officer for your club and how long you have been in the role.

2 The name of your club (I only have emails not club details)

3 your full name and contact phone number.

If you are no longer the safeguarding officer could you please give me the details of who is. Also if you work with a number of people in your club who assist with the role it would be good to have their details too.

Once I am sure I have all the correct details of everyone I will introduce myself properly and make an effort to speak to you all individually too.

For the updated details please reply to

I am waiting for a new lap top and its easier to read at work that on my shone or tablet.

But for any future safeguarding contact could you please add this address and use

There will be some teething as I ease myself onto the job, there is lots to do my end I want to communicate with you all properly. It is my intention too to run a conference sometime in March 19 location TBA. Please be rest assured that I am here to make life easier for you all and to help you in any way that I can.

For now I look forward to hearing from you shortly


Lee Dawson

Tel 07903 110290

Home 0121 680 9884


Many thanks must go to Sarah Kennerell-Walters for her work over the past years. Sarah has agreed to stay on as assistant Safeguarding officer for a short while to ease Lee into his role.