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Stafford Rugby Club 7s: 


This event is the Staffordshire Leg of the National 24/7’s tournament and acts as a qualifier for the Regional Playoffs on the 1st July, 2017.


This will be both a male and a female “round robin” event with a Cup, Plate and Beer Cup with playoffs to decide the winners .

There is a limit of 16 male teams and 8 female teams.

Entries will be on a first come basis and although there is no official closing date for entries (it may be possible to simply pay and register on the day) it is advised to get your entry in quickly.

Please complete this form using block capitals and return it with a cheque in the sum of £40 made payable to Stafford Rugby club to the following address

Dermot Hogan

Stafford Rugby Club

The County Ground

Newport Road


ST16 1BG.


Full rules can be accessed on the RFU 24/ 7’s website.

General Rules

1. The Tournament will be conducted entirely under the control of the Stafford Rugby Club Organising Committee (hereafter referred to as the Committee) whose decision, in all matters, is final. In the event of any complaint arising from a game, the Tournament Organiser’s decision (which may be made with input from the Head Referee) will be final.

Entry Rules

2. Players are eligible to play in the Tournament only if they:

· Are 18 years old (or 17 years old with the appropriate playing out of age grade dispensation). No players younger than 17 are permitted;

· They are a member of a rugby club or their 7s team has given appropriate notification to the RFU for insurance purposes;

· In the intended spirit of the competition, teams competing in the GB7s Series, Super Sevens Series, or recent international 7s players (within 2 years) are ineligible to progress onto the regional and national finals (there is an invitational tournament aimed at these team which will run alongside some of the regional rounds and the national finals).


3. The tournament falls under the jurisdiction of the Staffordshire Disciplinary Committee.

Competition Rules

4. Each team must register with the Tournament Organiser the names and dates of birth of all players in the squad. A maximum of 5 interchanges is permitted per match.

5. The maximum squad size is 12.

6. A player can only transfer between participating entrants with the permission of the Tournament Organiser.

7. If, to make up the numbers of a group there is a Barbarians team the Barbarians team shall not progress to the knockout competition.

8. The Group Winners of the pool rounds will be determined by Match Points. 4 points for a win, 2 for a Draw and 1 for 4 tries or more, 1 for losing margin of 7 points or less. In the event of a tie for the Group, the following applies:

1. Check 1. Most Wins

2. Check2. Highest points difference

3. Check 3. Most Tries

4. Check 4. Head to head result

If all equal then toss of coin.

9. For the purpose of selecting the best runners-up from any pool rounds the point’s difference and points scored will be divided by the actual number of games played and, if wins and losses are tied, the resulting average points difference and points scored will be used to rank the teams.

Playing Rules

10. Games will be played under the IRB Laws, Standard set of variations for Sevens and any RFU Law Interpretations/Variations for the Season 2014/2015. Each item of protective clothing, padding or otherwise, must conform to IRB Laws.

11. Each game shall be played for 7 minutes each way, save the final which shall be 10 minutes each way. No extra time will be played in the pool rounds of any Tournament and matches will be left drawn.

12 In the knock-out rounds if, at the end of normal time, neither side has won, captains will toss for the right to kick off or choice of ends and play will continue in periods of five minutes, changing ends after each period without further interval with the first side to score being declared the winner.

13. In the event of a sending-off (Red Card), the player is not allowed to play again in the current Tournament and the team plays with less than 7 players for the rest of that game. The team is, however, allowed to start with 7 players for the next game(s). The use of Temporary Suspension (Sin Bin) (Yellow Card) for 2 minutes will be in force.