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Staffordshire 7s 2015 meeting

The Staffordshire RFU 7's Series 2015 meeting was held at Cannock RFC on January the 7th. Please see below for the minutes of the meeting.

1. Tournament Dates 2015

a. 30th May Rugeley

b. 6th June Burntwood

c. 20th June Barton Under Needwood

d. 4th July Cannock

e. 11th July Stafford (the Stafford date may change dependent on a potential visit of the RWC trophy to Staffordshire on or around this date.

There will no longer be a Trentham 7s but participants will be encouraged to take part in the Trentham 10s tournament likely to occur on 22nd August 2015 Trentham 10s tournament which is not officially part of the series.

2. Entry Fee

Agreed at £40 per team for each tournament.

3. Team

The competition is aimed at clubs and players whose regular level of rugby is level 7 and below. Up to two players will be permitted who regularly play above this level. Various teams who had not previously participated such as Gnosall and Handsworth had stated they were keen to participate this year).

4. Invitational Teams

Will continue to be welcome to participate but some clarity needed on insurance status (MDR to look into this as he seemed to think RFU had now made it easier for invitational type teams to affiliate to ).

NB I have looked in to this. Invitational teams no longer need to pay a fee and provided competition played in accordance with rules will be covered for death, permanent injury insurance (see RFU link )

5. Age

Adult players only i.e. 18 plus albeit 17 year old players with appropriate dispensation would be eligible.

6. Match Rule discussion

a. Need to stick to squad size limit of 12 players (some teams were playing in tournament with 20 plus players. They should be encouraged to field 2 teams).

b. Aim always to have three tiers Cup, Bowl, Beer Cup.

c. Limit of 5 interchanges per match

d. Players should not flit from team to team within tournament without permission of organisers. Discretion of organisers if a team had injuries and needed to borrow a player to field a full team and some subs. May get wrist bands to ease enforcement of these rules and/or use interchange cards

e. Barbarian teams used to fill out a group can never progress

f. Disciplinary- red card is an automatic ban. MDR to liase with Mel Jones regarding dealing with disciplinary offences which occur during tournament.

7. Referees

a. Staffordshire Referees Society had always supported these events and the officiating has been one of the success stories. MDR to let Steve Barr know the dates. Ultimately up to the tournament organisers to book the referees.

8. Marketing

a. Not seeking a series sponsor but would welcome if became available

b. Need Staffordshire 7s Series Logo, twitter and Facebook page. Ben Holt will laisse with the Burntwood contact to see if he can design onebut anyone who knows someone who can does this sort of thing should see if they can get a logo drawn up. Becci Davies may also know somebody at her club who can help.

c. MDR to get poster drawn up with contact details of organiser at each club

9. Trophies

Mike Procter will see if Staffordshire will support the event by purchasing ceramic plates for the series winners, runners up and 3rd place plus a Trophy (which would return each year) for the Winners.

Kind regards

Martin de Ridder


Rugeley Rugby Club