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Staffordshire 7s 2016

Staffordshire 7s 2016 Planning Meeting Tuesday 2nd February 2016

I know its currently damp and miserable but the summer and 7s rugby will quickly be upon us.

I was wondering if people were free for a meeting on Tuesday 1st February to review last summer's series and to see what we can improve for this year at Cannock Rugby Club at 7.30pm.

The absence of a world cup trophy tour means we can spread the series out a bit more this summer. I would propose the following timetable

  • Saturday 28th May Rugeley
  • Saturday 11th June Event 2
  • Saturday 25th June Event 3
  • Saturday 9th July Event 4
  • Saturday 23rd July Event 5

For my part I would not change the level of competition (Level 7 and below) or the number of events although there is some talk of a separate "open" invitational tournament being held in Staffordshire outside of the series with a pathway for a winning team to compete in a national competition. If this proceeds we may only wnat to run x4 in our series.

I would also like to run at least one Women's tournament on the same day as one of the men's tournaments at one of the clubs with lots of pitches e.g. Burntwood or Stafford.

It would be helpful if you could attend the meeting particularly if you want to host an event. It would be good if some of the players/volunteers who were involved in the 7s teams could come along. However, if you can't come but have some suggestions or want to host a tournament then let me know.

Kind regards


Rugeley Rugby Club

Staffs 7s Series co-ordinator