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Staffordshire Referees

REFEREE SHORTAGE in STAFFORDSHIRE: As many of you will already be aware, we (together with our Federation partners in N Mids) currently have a serious shortage of referees - more games and fewer referees than last season.
Our policy is that we guarantee (as far as possible) a referee for club first team and colts matches and for school first teams. Working down from there, we cover as many games as we can, but clubs need to have in house referees available for lower sides, possibly at short notice. For example the 2s of a L5/6 club (e.g. Lichfield, Longton, Burton, Leek, Stoke) would normally have a Society referee appointed, but even at that level the referee might be needed elsewhere and could be reappointed as late as Saturday morning.
I aim to make initial appointments around two weeks in advance - under the circumstances, it's more like ten days. At present, I am not appointing to third teams, simply because I do not have referees available. Please make sure that you have a club member available to referee if needed. The Society/RFU will provide support/training courses if needed. If you are struggling to cover a game, leave a messge on the reappointments number - 07511 953684. Referees do become available when matches are cried off late, but please do not rely on this.
A reminder that all your referees (and the administrators!) are unpaid volunteers. The more referees you can recruit - to referee in house and/or join the Society - the more people will be able to play, which is our main objective.