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World Cup Champions

RWC 2015 - World Cup Champions:

 To all Staffs Clubs - Appoint your RWC2015 Club Champion now.

The Rugby World Cup 2015 (RWC 2015) is fast approaching and will be upon us before we know it!!

In order that clubs and the game in general can benefit from the RWC, each club within Staffordshire will be asked to nominate a “World Cup Champion”.

The purpose of the Champion will be to co-ordinate all aspects of the RWC 2015 that impact on clubs and the competition as a whole.
The Champion will act as a single “point of contact” within each club and will liaise with club members, club committees, other clubs and Staffordshire Rugby Union providing a conduit for information in the build up to and during RWC 2015.


RWC 2015 is expected to heighten the profile of rugby throughout the world and in England in particular. Increased levels of media support and public interest are expected and each club will no doubt want to consider how that interest can best be captured at local level. It is anticipated that the appointment of RWC Champions will provide opportunities to increase club profiles within the local community, leading to growing interest in rugby with a consequential growth in both playing and social memberships.

The purpose of appointing a RWC “Club Champion” will be to
co-ordinate interest within their club, giving an organisational lead and
ensuring that all constituent parts of their club are catered for in the build up to and during the competition. It is envisaged that the Champion will gather a group of like-minded volunteers around them to assist in the preparation for and celebration of the RWC.

Many Clubs already have a Club Volunteer Co-ordinator (CVC) in place. It may be that the club wishes to appoint their CVC to the position of hampion
or take the opportunity to bring in someone with a complimentary skill set
to take the lead role with regard to the RWC 2015.

The Champion will need to be committed to the role for at least the next 18 months. They will need to be enthusiastic about the opportunities that will come about as a result of RWC 2015 taking place in England. It is envisaged that they will be able to get on well with their fellow volunteers,
with an ability to recruit others to assist them and provide expertise where
needed. It is likely that the Champion will have a degree of organisational abilities with the ability to co-ordinate, lead and enthuse others within their club.

Staffordshire Rugby Union will aid and assist clubs and their Champions
in the lead up to and during RWC 2015. Regular meetings of the Champions will take place during the next 18 months to ensure that clubs can share appropriate information, ideas and expertise. It is also anticipated that members of the RFU Development team and other RFU professional staff will be available to assist clubs and their Champions to make the maximum impact from the opportunities that are presented by RWC 2015.

When you have your Champion in place please advise Rob Forsyth Hon Secretary of Staffordshire Rugby Union of their details. Regular contact can take place and information shared to ensure a successful lead up to and a fantastic Rugby World Cup within Staffordshire.


In short Clubs are encouraged to make the most of the Rugby World Cup in 2015. Organise and be ready – appoint your clubs “World Cup Champion” now!

Yours sincerely

Iain Haley

Vice- President

Staffordshire Rugby Union