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Half game Rule - Survey (Parents/Coaches)

It has come to that time in the RFU Half Game project, where we need to send out the survey link to all coaches, parents, teachers, administrators etc. that are involved with the age grade rugby and ask them to click on the link and fill out the 5 min survey.

I attach the link for you to email out to all the appropriate contacts. I have also attached at the bottom of the email a QR code for those people who use these.

I hope that you can emphasise to your contacts the importance of taking the 5 minutes to fill out the simple survey, that asks them how they are using the Half Game Rule.

Survey Link: Half Game Survey Link

The survey is open from today; Monday 12th of November until Friday 7th of December.

If you have any problems then please contact me using the following:; work no: 01206 872414; mobile no: 078433525