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We Play Rugby: Game On

Supporting getting more matches played and a Regulation from 2019-20

Game On has been developed to get more matches played at lower levels in the adult game. This includes playing with less than 15 players, uncontested scrums and/or lineouts, reduced playing time and use of rolling subs. It is a direct response to feedback from players and teams in the National Rugby Survey about the kind of rugby they want to play. Approximately a third of scheduled matches at lower XV level for men and women are cancelled. Game On has been designed to provide a menu of options to teams and players that reduces this figure.

From the start of next season, Game On will be embedded into RFU playing regulations, which means it applies to all friendly matches and competitions OUTSIDE the men’s and women’s RFU English Clubs Championship. This is a positive approach towards ensuring that more matches are played.

Game On support guides and information will be available in the coming months to help everyone prepare for the 2019-20 season. At this stage, we are asking players, club officials, team managers, referees, coaches and competition organisers to be aware of Game On, spread the word and prepare for its introduction.

For further information contact your local RFU rugby representative or Competitions Development Officers (CDOs):

• North – Matt Bryan (
• Midlands – Liz Fletcher (
• London and South East – Ben Ramsay (
• South West – Katie Oldrieve (

CDOs are specifically tasked with supporting CBs and competitions organisers in developing playing opportunities to retain and transition players and are working with a number of CBs to do so for 2019-20.