RFU Developing Player Programme: (DPP)

Leicester Tigers Developing Player Programme will be introduced next season (2013-14) to provide a clear and structured package of quality coaching for new and existing players between the ages of 13 and 16.

The programme is an evolution of the existing CB ‘Schools of Rugby’ and the well established Leicester Tigers ‘Elite Player Development Group’ programme; it will seek to provide a consistent, high quality experience to encourage lifelong participation in the sport and enable those with talent to be clearly identified and find their ideal pathway, whether that is into professional rugby or lifelong participation at a level appropriate to them within their Constituent Body (CB).

Eight Developing Player Centres will be strategically distributed across Leicester Tigers Catchment area to allow ease of access and opportunity for players to be involved.

The programme is fully supported by all key partners involved.

Any player who will be an Under 14 or Under 15 from September 2013 and was involved in their CB School of Rugby last season is invited to attend one of the Leicester Tigers Developing Player Programme centres from September. Please attend the one which is easiest/most practical for you to attend. (This does not have to be in your Constituent Body). During this initial period decisions will be made as to which players will be invited to remain in the programme and which players will be released.

Under 16 players from September 2013 should focus on their CB Under 16 programme.

Under 13s will be included in the Leicester Tigers Developing Player Programme from February 2014.

We are in process of confirming dates and venues and these will be announced shortly.

Darren Gourley