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giving information on the focus areas and core values that SRUSR referees are expected to follow this season. It is essential reading for players and coaches alike.

SRUSR CORE Values and Touchline Behaviour Policy


The Staffordshire Rugby Union Society of Referees supports and endorses the Rugby Football Union’s advice and policies to help ensure Core Values remain integral to our game.

A number of incidents in our geographical area, across all levels of the game, have shown that there is a need to be more pro-active to ensure that Core Values are understood and adhered to.

This policy, supported and approved by the Staffordshire Rugby Union, describes the role of the match official(s).

The SRUSR will primarily remain responsible for issues that occur within the playing enclosure. However, if appropriate they will also support Club officials dealing with poor touchline behaviour.

SRUSR is grateful to our Federation partners, North Midlands Society of Rugby Football Referees (NMSRFR), in allowing us to reproduce their guidance on this subject.

Examples where referee intervention is expected (not a complete list)

1) Appealing for a decision whether that be by shouting, raising arms or any other means.

2) Inappropriate shouting at the referee.

3) Use of foul and abusive language directed at the referee, assistant referee, locally appointed touch judge, fourth official or any other permitted official in the playing enclosure.

4) Use of foul and abusive language towards an opponent or player from the same team.

5) Use of language that can be interpreted as racist, homophobic, sexist or any other language that could be deemed as offensive.

6) Making derisory comments or mimicking actions when a player makes a mistake.

7) Improper use of technical areas, which will include replacements (except when warming up) and coaches failing to adhere to the boundaries of the area as well as non-permitted personnel in the area.

In any case of inappropriate touchline behaviour, the referee may seek the assistance of a club official, if required.

The Laws of the Game will continue to be enforced.

There will be incidents where Clubs, players and officials 'push' the boundaries of acceptable behaviour whilst making it very difficult for the match official(s) to administer much more than an admonishment. Such behaviour should be reported to the Society Disciplinary Officer (Simon Redford) who will collate these incidents to ensure they are not becoming a trend.

Visiting clubs and referees

To try and ensure even conformity, this policy will be made known to CBs whose sides regularly play matches in Staffordshire, as well as referees visiting from other Societies.